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Pimp up Your Pinterest Boards with Pinstamatic

If you run out of pictures to pin on your Pinterest boards, don’t worry, there are things you can still pin. Aside from those websites where you can download stock photos for free, there’s a sweet web app that you can use to spice up your Pinterest profile a little bit.

Let me introduce to you Pinstamatic, this web-based app is very easy to use, here’s how it works.

1. Login to your Pinterest account.

2. Open your browser and type in to your address bar.

3. Choose an icon from the top: Website, Quote, Sticky, Spotify, Twitter, Calendar, Location, and Caption.

4. Enter information like text for Website, Quote, and Sticky, and Twitter. Spotify track for Spotify icon. For Calendar, you have to select a date from the calendar widget) while you have to upload a photo in Caption icon.

5. Click “Pin” if you like how it looks. A Pinterest page will pop up where you’ll see the image you just created and a caption which you can edit if you want.

6. When you’re done, click “Pin”.

Pinstamatic is simple to use. So if you think Pinterest is not your cup of tea, don’t worry because this web app is pretty amazing. The looks and the functionality are definitely fun to explore.

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