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Making Sense of Marketing Attribution [Infographic]

This infographic brought to you by @AdobeMktgCloud shows that the key to successful attribution is the flexibility of the system. Do you agree?

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Key takeaways:

Only 54% of businesses carry out any form of attribution, of whom 28% only use last click. Click to Tweet

89% of marketers say attribution had a positive impact on their business. Click to Tweet

29% of marketers say that the attribution had a major impact. Click to Tweet

Apart from last-click, 44% of marketers that use marketing attribution use first click model. Click to Tweet

58% of marketers believe that there is no perfect attribution. Click to Tweet

38% of marketers carry out manual attribution. Click to Tweet

60% of marketers mention disparate tech and data sources are to blame why the marketing attribution is not successful. Click to Tweet

28% of marketers believe internal politics in the way it hinders a successful marketing attribution. Click to Tweet

Only 31% of marketers cite that the flexibility of their systems is the key to a successful attribution. Click to Tweet

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