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I’m Blogging Again

Note: This post is in response to the blogging I signed up for called 31 Day Blogging Challenge.
the blogging habit

I started blogging back in March 2010. My first blog is about tech gadgets, technology topics, tech tips and tricks – basically all tech stuff. I started blogging after I resigned from my job as a web content writer in an e-Commerce company. It was also the time I began my career as a freelance VA.

The reason why I started blogging because I want to share things about technology and posting your ideas online solves it. The excitement was there. Imagine I wrote a minimum of 8 articles in a day. It showed how much I love blogging. With that, I decided to create another blog. This time, it’s about my VA career, services that I offer, anything about my niche – it’s a portfolio type of blog.

The result is it was successful at first but I feel I am lacking of consistency to it.

The Commitment

I am not yet celebrating the first anniversary yet so I think I still have more time to gear myself towards a blogging habit. For the past 6 months neglecting this blog, I know that I’ve wasted so much time and opportunities. So my goal is to blog consistently in the coming year. Editorial calendar is important and it will be part of my plan. Aside from that, I also plan to blog about:

Whew! It’s pretty exciting.

I am hoping that this 31-Day Blogging Challenge will help me develop a blogging habit. I am not alone in this challenge since I’ve got a few people who are going through with it.

I hope that you’ll also learn and support me from this challenge. If any of you have successfully formed a habit of blogging, I would love to hear some of your tips. Comments are very welcome in the comment section below.

Thank you and press on!

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