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How to Use Quora for e-Commerce and to Improve Sales

While Quora might not hold the same popularity with other social media sites like twitter and FaceBook, Quora is becoming interesting. Knowledge is everywhere, thanks to the Internet.  What you see with Twitter is what you can also see with Quora.


Quora is a website that allows posting questions and questions on different topics. You can also find writers, consultants, CEOs, musicians, developers, scientists, and artists are all frequent users of Quora.

The good news is Quora is now in smartphone app so finding answers is just a tap on your smartphone’s keys. e-Commerce sites are now target of venture capitalists so you will find this topic also in Quora.

Now, the question is how e-commerce business owners can maximize the use of Quora for their businesses. Here’s how you can take advantage if you are online seller.

When you signed up for an account (Facebook sign-in is also available), you can enter terms such as “eBay”, “e-commerce”, and “online selling” to view topics to follow.

Once you are done clicking the “follow” button, you will receive plethora of future questions and answers on your Quora front page. You will also receive notifications whenever new reply is posted to the topic you are following. If you are worried that your mail box would get full of notifications, you can still disable this in your account, of course according to your preference.

All social networking relationships start with the very basic; find people that you know, add them as contacts, participate with the discussion, like their replies, and generally get the feel of involvement. With Quora, it is just the same. I spend a few days just checking its features and how things work.

So let’s get down to e-Commerce advantages. These are simple tips how you can use Quora for your e-Commerce website.

Be an Expert

Quora has a massive number of active users and this is good for us. The trick is quality over quantity. Post quality answers than spending so much time answering dozens of questions but the juice is very limited. You want to get more votes because of your high quality posts.

Solving and Networking

Find someone who has their own small eBay store or someone who works in an Amazon fulfillment center, you may want to tap this market. Find someone that is expert on your field and tag along with them.

Free Market Research

As I have said many experts are roaming around in Quora. If you want an initial market research, you endless wisdom can be found here including your competitors who are active users.

Learn New Tricks

e-Commerce is always changing. There is we call “innovation”; innovation in all aspect of what we see in the Internet. So it is better to keep up to date, and adapt. Quora is a great place to learn. Not only you can find thoughtful unique memorable replies but also continue the professional relationship. There is also a great chance you will bump with many legends in the field which will be an opportunity that is exciting and informative.

Did you know that?

The Big No-No!

Quora is not a place for advertising or promoting your products or services directly. I recommend approaching Quora in the right way. Though it requires full text which is to say no area for pictures, you can still connect with people, learn many things, and be an excellent place for savvy e-Commerce professional.

So be one of Quora users, browse the boards, and engage. Let me know how it works for you, please speak up on the comment box below.

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