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How to Change your LinkedIn Public Profile URL

How to Change your LinkedIn Public Profile URL

Do you know you can still personalize your LinkedIn profile after creating it? Yes it is possible.

The original form of your LinkedIn profile is the combination of your first and last names, and a string of numbers. You don’t want to put it on your business card I bet. You don’t want new people in a networking event to type the whole URL with string of numbers.

What you can do instead is set your LinkedIn profile in a way that is relevant to you and what reflects who you are and what you do. Maybe incorporating few keywords (just don’t stuffed it with keywords because it will look like spam).

If your website domain name is your full name, you may use your full name with a short keyword. It’s good to set your URL when you created your LinkedIn profile as people may bookmark your URL and search engines may index it.

How to Change your Public Profile URL

1. Login to your LinkedIn account.
2. Go to Profile and select “Edit Profile”.
3. Under your profile photo, find the public profile URL and click “Edit”. See screenshot below.
4. On the right side, find the “Your Public Profile” and click the “Customize your public profile URL”. See screenshot below.
5. Enter your desired URL. It must contain 5-30 letters or numbers, no spaces, symbols, or special characters.
6. Click “Set Custom URL”.


URL must be unique. If it is unavailable, you’ll have to choose another. Now you can use this URL on your website or anywhere else you want it to be published.

Now tell me about the LinkedIn public profile URL you want. Is it a combination of your full name and company name or company name with a keyword.

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