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4 Facebook Newsfeed Posts to Get Your Audience Attention

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Do you run out of ideas what to posts on Facebook? Or you stumble to these kinds of posts on your newsfeed and just don’t realize that they caught your attention. Heck yeah! I’m sure you they did. If you spend a lot of time on your Facebook’s newsfeed, you’ll notice that there are different of posts. Some may annoy you and some engage you. In this blog post, I’ll share facebook updates you can use to market your products and services in an effective and creative way.


People always love videos. Look at YouTube. When a video becomes viral, you’ll expect millions of millions of viewers in just few days. You can also post a video on Facebook. It’s one way for marketers to tell stories in newsfeed and is now valuable for business for good reasons:

Massive Audience – Facebook is the 2nd largest trafficked website, with over 500 million active users. Whoa! That’s huge.

Mobile – 150 million active users take Facebook with them everywhere they go. It is expecting to increase yearly.

Format – Many video formats are supported for uploading. See the entire list here.

Tagging Capability – You can tag friends in a video. It also appears on their timeline and on their friends’ news feeds.

Conversions – When done creatively, call-to-action may lead to conversion. Cool!

You might want to ask why Facebook, why not use YouTube. I agree, YouTube video platform is more robust than Facebook but don’t ignore how much Facebook users spend their time online. So, if you think your target audience is spending so much time on Facebook, take advantage of that. It’s an incredible opportunity for business to get in front of millions of Facebook users either on desktop or mobile.

Take Action

Create or upload a video on your Facebook page. Promote it organically or paid. If you want Facebook engagement for your videos, add them directly to your Facebook Page.

You can add:


Aside from videos, photos are the most widely shared content on Facebook. Humans are visual creatures. According to Kissmetrics, photos are likely get most shares, likes or comments.Aside from posting merely photos, you can complement it with two things:

With Link

Marketingland wrote an article about sharing links on Facebook. By simply pasting in a URL, Facebook will automatically make a post and grab the title, photo, and description from the page being shared.

With Text

Another example is just adding a text with the photo without adding a link. See the photo below.

Take Action

No matter what post format you choose, it depends on your target market. Do an experiment. Make two photo posts: one with text only and one with link and text. See which get more like and engagements.


Who doesn’t love selfies? Maybe I don’t do selfie most of the time. But what you don’t know most people and brands use selfies for social media marketing. Yes, you heard it right. No matter what you think of selfies, they’re one of the best and will not go away.Get creative. If you own a store, let your buyers take a selfie in your store and tag your Facebook page and even ask them to include your hashtag.

Take Action

Check out postplanner’s selfie ideas and try to apply one of them. Make sure your audience can relate to you and doesn’t sound too salesy or narcissistic. Use them to empower your audience and spread positive vibes. Try your first selfie today and let’s see what will happen.

What matters is your message that resonates to your audience << Click to tweet


How much do you often see these kind of posts? I don’t have problem seeing ads on my newsfeed. Actually, I do observe them and assess every part of the ad.

I believe that Facebook is now a pay-to-play platform. And if you want to take a massive chunk of your target audience’s attention, advertising on newsfeed is a must-do. It has a great advantage on mobile too.

Take Action

Start advertising on Facebook. If your goal is to increase page likes, choose that objective. Run the campaign and see what will happen.

After reading this, what kind of post you want to try and monitor the performance? Share and comment below. That’s social media!

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