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eBay Thank You Note with Personal Touch

Have you ever bought something on eBay where all you got is the item?

Adding personal touch to the final phase of your eBay transaction as a seller is exceptional. A simple thank you would be very nice!

Put yourself in the shoes of your buyer. If you receive a personalized thank you note, you will get that warm and fuzzy feeling that the seller wants to do more business with you. You can even remember who the seller was.

Selling on eBay is not just about making money online but also building relationship. [click to tweet]
Come to think of it. If you buy 10 items on eBay in a month, how many come with a handwritten personalized note? For instance, you received only one personalized note, will you remember the seller?

Make sure the thank you note is handwritten. It shows that you really care and appreciate the customer. Besides, it is a free investment that could turn your existing customer into a repeating customer.

The next time you sell something on eBay think of how you can add a personal touch to your buyer’s shopping experience. This will help you stand out from millions of eBay sellers if you do that.

Once you start doing this, expect a positive feedback on your account from a customer which says “Thank you so much, especially the personal touch”

Are you planning to include a personal touch? Let me know how it works for you.

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