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Best Practices in Taking eBay Photos

The report from the New York Daily News about the England woman who showed off a whole lot more than her little yellow dress when she took a photo of it and uploaded the image to eBay.

The report said that the seller, Aimi Jones took a photo of her Asos Yellow Skater Dress (size 10), hanging from a closet door, and the mirror next to the dress caught a reflection of a young, beautiful English woman who is partially naked body.



For the last few months, eBay introduced the capability of listing items via the use of smartphones. The process is simple, just write a description, take photos, and upload all of it right onto the website.

For us to avoid this kind of situation here are few tips I think everyone needs to think about:

Use plain color background when taking your photos – Actual photo is fine to use but it is much better to get shots using a simple white sheet as your backdrop.

Don’t mix with other items or things unless it is related to the item you are posting – Check the background in your photos. Focus on shooting your item. Remove the clutter around your main picture.

Take close-up shots of the great features of the item. Try some shots from different angles – This strategy will spice up how you present your item.

If there are any imperfections, take a close-up shot – This is applicable to pre-loved items. It reduces the inquiry you are receiving about your second-hand items.

Wrapping Up

I suggest you strictly follow the tips I provided. Selling strategies do not just only focus on one aspect. As a seller, you should deliver a great overall impact on your eBay store.

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