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Hey there, thanks for checking out this page.

Hi, I’m Carissa Coles. Though my surname sounds foreign but I’m definitely not. Or maybe, I am not just sure about it.

I’m a Social Media Manager who is passionate about helping businesses create digital campaigns that bring results.

I’m also the Digital Head and Senior Project Lead of EmergeLocal, a digital marketing agency in the Philippines where we help businesses to reach more customers, increase their brand awareness and get more leads online.

I’ve worked with a number of local and international companies and have been enjoying it so far.

If you have a passion in establishing true relationship with your consumers and be socially relevant, this blog is for you.

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What entrepreneurs like you are saying

I’m very honored and blessed to work with these great people.

“Carissa has been helping us post on social media and update content for our site for several months now. If I had to describe her qualities in terms of her work for us in two words, it would be consistent and punctual. I recommend for any business that needs help to take the pressure off their content updating and posting load.”
Rhys Wesley, Expatica Communications

“I have used her services a couple of times, and she has always delivered prompt and efficient service. Carissa is very good a working through instructions, and then creating the outcome with a minimum of supervision or input. I would not hesitate to recommend Carissa’s services to other business owners who want reliable social media assistance.”
Sandra Pigram, Social Media Business Boosters

“Carissa is a great team player, and a reliable social media professional. She is very task oriented, and determined to get the job done right and on time. She understands the value of hard-work, effort, and open communication. I plan to utilize her skills with design and virtual assistance again.”
Lynette Davis, A & D Media

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Training and Certifications

To provide better service to my clients, I continue to learn and hone my skills.

How I got into this stuff….

I first fell in love with eCommerce. I worked as a database specialist and a writer for an eCommerce company. After a few years, I decided to quit my job and work at home. I use what I’ve learned from my previous job and started getting clients online.

Fast forward, I’m now a Digital Marketing Head of an agency and has been helping diverse types of companies local and abroad.

More things about me:

1. Dreamed to have a spacious library. Books are investments.
2. Read a book about being an introvert. It’s confirmed.
3. A dog bit me when I was on my way to work. This led me being afraid of dog barking loudly.
4. Virgo is my zodiac sign.
5. I’m the eldest child and grew up giving justice to it.
6. I can spend my whole day watching my favorite TV series.
7. I’m an organizing junkie.
8. I want to learn how to swim.
9. I married my first boyfriend. He was my college sweetheart too.
10. I have an obsession with notebooks and pens.

I hope those “freakish” facts about me make you want to know me more and connect with me.

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If you think my story resonates with you, send me a note. Let’s have a conversation. That’s social media.

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