If you run out of pictures to pin on your Pinterest boards, don’t worry, there are things you can still pin. Aside from those websites where you can download stock photos for free, there’s a sweet web app that you can use to spice up your Pinterest profile a little bit.

Let me introduce to you Pinstamatic, this web-based app is very easy to use, here’s how it works.

Few weeks ago, GMail quietly rolled out some massive changes to their email inbox. If you are like me who receives hundreds of newsletters, you might want to like the new feature. I can say I love the new feature because my important messages are not mixed to those newsletters.

If you are following a certain experts and you don’t want to miss email their updates, there is a way you can set it up.

Do you know you can still personalize your LinkedIn profile after creating it? Yes it is possible.

The original form of your LinkedIn profile is the combination of your first and last names, and a string of numbers. You don’t want to put it on your business card I bet. You don’t want new people in a networking event to type the whole URL with string of numbers.

What you can do instead is set your LinkedIn profile in a way that is relevant to you and what reflects who you are and what you do. Maybe incorporating few keywords (just don’t stuffed it with keywords because it will look like spam).

If your website domain name is your full name, you may use your full name with a short keyword. It’s good to set your URL when you created your LinkedIn profile as people may bookmark your URL and search engines may index it.

Pinterest users is growing so you might want to include some strategies for your business using this platform.

I’ve been visiting websites lately and one of the websites that caught my attention is Jon Loomer‘s site. I was looking at the pictures on his blog post and noticed the Pin it button when you hover your mouse on the images. It’s amazing! I want this too on my site.

I look for WordPress plugin that has this capability and gladly I’ve found the Pinterest Pin It Button For Images.

The Pinterest Pin It Button For Images plugin is only visible when you hover over your images, as you can see in the images below.

social media for small businessWe can’t deny that social media brings a big impact to our businesses. Social media changed how we communicate with other people either personal or business.

However, as a small business owner, have you ever asked yourself why social media is important to your business? Do social media platforms including Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, Pinterest, etc overwhelm you and make you want to quit?

Have you keep in your mind all the websites you’ve already visited? I bet you can’t remember all of them. We have so many things to do on our businesses and we cannot afford to think of little things in which we can really find a way to make it accessible. I love browsing websites and get some ideas from those sites.

Fortunately, I’ve found a tool that will let me save anything I found on the web and just view it later.

Extensions, add-ons, or even plug-ins are very familiar to us. We usually use them to make our life easier in terms of doing a very simple task.webpage screenshot

When your client asked you to provide a screenshot on the entire web page, what will you do.

I am introducing to you these two awesome add-ons I am using for a very long time. Firefox is my most used browser so I’ve downloaded add-ons for Firefox. They are also available in Chrome.

Note: This post is in response to the blogging I signed up for called 31 Day Blogging Challenge.
the blogging habit

I started blogging back in March 2010. My first blog is about tech gadgets, technology topics, tech tips and tricks – basically all tech stuff. I started blogging after I resigned from my job as a web content writer in an e-Commerce company. It was also the time I began my career as a freelance VA.

The reason why I started blogging because I want to share things about technology and posting your ideas online solves it. The excitement was there. Imagine I wrote a minimum of 8 articles in a day. It showed how much I love blogging. With that, I decided to create another blog. This time, it’s about my VA career, services that I offer, anything about my niche – it’s a portfolio type of blog.

The report from the New York Daily News about the England woman who showed off a whole lot more than her little yellow dress when she took a photo of it and uploaded the image to eBay.

The report said that the seller, Aimi Jones took a photo of her Asos Yellow Skater Dress (size 10), hanging from a closet door, and the mirror next to the dress caught a reflection of a young, beautiful English woman who is partially naked body.